About The Band


“...extremely unique and will blast your skin off.”
Shade Aurion, The Metal Review

The MOLOTOV are an Australian 5 member, female and male, heavy hybrid rock band. Their sound is a powerhouse mix of driving rhythms, layered harmonies and full screaming fury. Their lyrics sometimes carry a message and always pack a punch.

Songwriter/Guitarist Scart first ignited The MOLOTOV as a solo project and has evolved it through numerous incarnations before reaching this final form. The mix of Jayde’s melodic singing and furious screaming, Scart’s driving rhythmic guitar and vocals, Claire’s innovative bass and vocal harmonies, Paul’s syncopation on drums and Dan’s lush synth and heavy riffs on 2nd guitar, create a sound described by reviewers as “uniquely brilliant”.

The band has played many live music venues and festivals including, the Coolangatta Hotel, Wallapalooza (Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane) and Dead Of Winter. They’ve also supported bands like Mammal at the ZOO and DarkC3ll at Brightside.

Their 12 track album RESISTENTIA, released in October 2019, takes their hard hitting style, controversial lyrics and unique cross-genre sound to a new level.

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RESISTENTIA is The Molotov’s long awaited Magnum Opus. The 12 track album, released in October 2019, takes their hard hitting style, progressive and politically controversial lyrics and unique cross-genre sound to a new level. Songs vary from the upbeat single Break and the complex and melodic prog-rock of Rising Tide, to the anthemic rap of In the Red and the heavy and vicious Touch.

resistentia album cover
Jayde Angus The Molotov

" Jayde’s vocals really hit you hard and her range is amazing. Deathly growls one second, clean singing the next, all with seamless transition. She’s just a great vocalist. "

Shade Aurion, The Metal Review

JAYDE ANGUS | Lead Vocals, Lyrics, Flute

Jayde Says ...

I’ve always loved music. I dabble in whatever instruments I can get my hands on. At 5 I’d record myself singing Christmas carols on a bright blue tape recorder. At 10, I’d leave messages of myself singing on our answering machine and then delete them before Mum could hear them. I played flute in the school band and was always trying to start side projects with the other members.

I’ve lived in the USA, country Victoria, Melbourne, and Sweden and now I am in the subtropical Hell-Swamp of South East Queensland, loathing the heat and humidity, but sticking it out because I’m eternally bound to these lovable weirdos. I love animals, crochet, and metal, and if you tell me I scream good “for a girl” I will judge you!


" For Scart, this is more than a band, it's a fusion of heavy music, political rebellion, heart and relentless persistence. "

Sara Moss

SCART | Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics

SCART Says ...

I started the MOLOTOV as a solo project back in the mid noughties, writing all the lyrics and music myself and rapping over recordings at festivals gigs and protests. I had played guitar in punk bands in my late teens/early twenties before this. I evolved this band through a number of incarnations before reaching this final form.

As a former band mate once said, “we punks never grow up, we just get older and angrier”. I’d say that’s about right. In addition to the music, I’m also a digital and visual artist.

The Art Of SCART Website

Claire Reece The Molotov

" First live gig Claire played was the Wallapalooza heavy music festival at the Wallaby hotel on the Gold Coast, she got stuck outside the pub because she had no I.D! "

- ed

Claire Reece | Bass, Vocals

Claire Says ...

I’m a bassist for the coolest bunch of dysfunctionals this side of the sun. I’m also a qualified chef and recently became a Mum to daughter Luna. I was born in Victoria and spent about half my life there before moving to Brisbane for High School. 

I’ve Played music since very young, grew up in a very musical family, been singing as long as I can remember, played piano for eight years, played cello for a few years in high school, picked up guitar around the same time. I got a bass for my 17th birthday and joined the Molotov just before my 18th.

Paul Burridge The Molotov

" Being that your drummer, Paul, has a recording studio, is this where the current single and upcoming new album were recorded? "

- blankgc.com.au

Paul Burridge | Drums, Guitar

Paul Says ...

I played in a multitude of bands in Sydney, around the Newtown & Campbelltown area from 1989-2001 first on drums then guitar.

Moved to Qld in 2001 and jammed with mates but didn’t join another band until I met these freaks when I took over Rock City Studios on the Gold Coast. Now I’m trapped!

Please, call the POLICE!!!!

[Don’t really call the police – ed.]

Dan Hobart The Molotov

" there is a lot of focus on religion and just a lot of other things about respecting women and respecting each other. Keeping your hands to yourself. Trying to keep people mindful of things that are happening in their world. Making it very poignant and I don’t know, like a big slap in your face I guess. "

- gclive.me

Dan Hobart | Keys, Guitar

Dan Says ...

We have been around for a really long time. I joined about 3 to 4 years into it all. I joined as the keyboardist and then moved to guitarist and then there was a point where our singer and guitarist and bassist all left at the same time and then we got our current lineup which we have had now for about 5 years.

[Dan is the second longest-serving member of The MOLOTOV, joining Scart in one of the band’s earlier incarnations and sticking with him to take the band in a heavier direction. Equally proficient on keys and guitar, Dan’s musical passion and talent is matched only by his intense drive to party! Under the moniker “Preemo Trash” he provides Decor for festivals, organises and promotes events and plays and DJ’s. Dan is just too damn busy to write his bio! – ed.]