RESISTENTIA is The Molotov’s long awaited Magnum Opus, a 12 track album ranging across genre and styles, from the harmonies and rap of the anthemic “In The Red“, to the space-rock of “New Skies”, the prog-rock of “Echo Chamber” and “Rising Tide” and the heavy and vicious “TOUCH”.

The first single BREAK is upbeat, defiant and high energy, while the newly released TYRANT shows off the band’s heavier credentials.

“...extremely unique and will blast your skin off.”
Shade Aurion, The Metal Review

The “Official” release of RESISTENTIA, like so many things music, was postponed due to the Covid pandemic and the band entered an enforced  hiatus, before returning to studio rehearsals, new writing and  music video production. The heavy TYRANT has just been released. The MOLOTOV will celebrate the launch of this new single and re-launch RESISTENTIA at the upcoming WALLAPALOOZA Music Festival on the Gold Coast in February 2022. 

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"a heavy-hybrid juggernaut, detonating a powerful amalgamation of prog and industrial tinged metal, politically charged rap and punk fuelled angst to deliver their own, swirling unique sonic stew."
Anthony Gebhardt, Blank GC
The mix of Jayde's melodic singing and furious screaming, Scart's driving rhythmic guitar and vocals, Claire’s innovative bass and vocal harmonies, Paul’s syncopation on drums and Dan's lush synth and heavy riffs on 2nd guitar, create a sound described by reviewers as "uniquely brilliant".

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